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A new report is predicting a shortage of 2,819 workers in the mining industry in the Cochrane District over the next 10 years.

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Census Profile, 2016 Census – Cochrane. – Statistics Canada – Apr 24, 2018 –

Census results are submitted to Alberta Municipal Affairs in June; the new population figure should be declared official by the province in September. Why is there both a municipal and federal census? Our municipal numbers are used immediately by the Town in long-term planning.

Cochrane Colloquium: September 2018 in Edinburgh. Meeting. webinars. previous webinars now available online. Twitter. @CochraneStats.

Meet our main leadership and learn about their experience and vision.

View the statistics for fire services.. Cochrane Fire Services responds to a variety of incidents such as grass / rubbish fires, toxic chemical spills, gas leaks,.

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