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Joni Mitchell, original name Roberta Joan Anderson, (born November 7, 1943, Fort McLeod, Alberta, Canada), Canadian experimental singer-songwriter whose greatest popularity was in the 1970s. Once described as the “Yang to Bob Dylan’s Yin, equaling him in richness and profusion of imagery.

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Fort Macleod, originally named Macleod, is a town in the southwest corner of the province of Alberta, Canada. It was founded as a North-West Mounted Police barracks, and is named in honour of the North-West Mounted Police Colonel James Macleod. It was known as the Town of Macleod between 1892 and 1912.

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Below is a list of 7 things to check out if you ever find yourself in Fort Macleod. 'The Fort' Main Street. Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump. The Empress Theatre. Northwest Mounted police 1884 barracks. river Valley Wilderness Park. Alberta's First Golf Course.

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